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WiFi Solution for Everett Community College

Aug 29, 2022 | Projects

Robust, turn key WiFi solution for Everett Community College expanding digital access and upgrading cabling and WiFi for Aviation Campus and from the campus to the parking lot as part of a statewide initiative delivered by a team of experts.

WiFi Solution for Everett Community College

Solution: JT Tech/BEI, experts in high density WiFi, provided robust, “always-on” WiFi connectivity to the EvCC Aviation campus and a new “drive-in” WiFi in the college parking lot.

BEi conducted an in-depth wireless networking analysis on the main EvCC campus to identify the optimal location for WiFi equipment to support the required WiFi speeds.

Extreme Networks, a leader in wired and wireless networking, provided a suite of indoor and outdoor APs to respond to EvCC’s technology needs.

The cloud management platform allows them single pane of glass visibility to monitor all areas of the network.

As part of a statewide initiative to expand digital access, WiFi was expanded to the parking lot to facilitate a new “drive-in” access.

With secure, reliable and fast WiFi access on campus, EvCC supports their college administration requirements on campus for essential academic applications and the “drive-in” Wi-Fi for remate onsite learning requirement that was necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Orive-in Wi-Fi” initiative succeeded in allowing community access connectivity to the campus network infrastructure while remaining inside a vehicle parked within specified areas on campus.

EvCC provided classroom concepts (“classroom-in-a-car”) and extended digital experience while on campus to safely practica social distancing.

BEi Networks “drive-in Wi-Fi” implementation plan achieved the college administration goal for enhancing digital access and expanded Wi-Fi connectivity.

A team approach with JT Tech, BEi, Extreme Networks and Eastside Communications for the cabling infrastructure helped EvCC reach their WiFi goals for speed, connectivity and 100% uptime for everyone.

WiFi Solution for Everett Community College Institutes

EvCC was experiencing latency issues and slow WiFi connectivity stifling communications in their Aviation campus and EvCC wanted to provide their students with WiFi connectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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