With over 20 year’s experience in the technology sector and a global footprint spanning the U.S, Europe and Asia, we here at JT Tech are truly confident in our ability to find the right network solution for your individual needs. Through second to none collaboration and communication, we strive to create an effortless user friendly experience, from scope and assessment, to planning, design and implementation, our experts will guide you seamlessly through each stage of process.

Working in partnership with industry leading vendors, we ensure your digital transformation is not only a complete success but will also become an integral part of your business, equipping you with a future proof set of innovative tool’s that will guarantee to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, helping to drive your business whilst providing world class security over a custom designed network guaranteed to deliver on your unique demands.

We continue to produce cutting-edge solutions for leading organisations who trust in our staff of highly qualified, accredited engineers and consultants to provide an unmatched standard of excellence in customer service, building on our reputation for creating powerful, dependable relationships.




Brian is a true leader. With a sharp mind and visionary approach to business, he has propelled JT Tech to the forefront of the industry. With years of experience in networking, Brian has an unmatched understanding of every aspect of the networking world, as well as an instinctive grasp on how to create and maintain business relationships. He approaches every challenge with calm and strategic thinking, and never shies away from taking risks when he sees an opportunity for growth. Brian’s leadership style is grounded in integrity and a deep respect for the people he works with. His team members look up to him for his strong work ethic, his passion for innovation, and his ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals. 



Isabel is a successful, highly organized and efficient individual. Effectively communicates with all departments and personnel in order to ensure tasks are completed to the highest standard. She works extremely well under pressure, with a talent for identifying and resolving issues, even before they arise. A strategic thinker and innovative problem solver. Constantly assessing and planning for future growth.

Our Mission

JT Tech strives to provide the best IT solutions and to serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. With our broad knowledge of ever-changing Internet Technologies, we will answer all clients questions quickly and with the utmost confidence. With our phenomenal customer service, we make sure our clients have what they need to run their business with maximum efficiency and reliability.

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